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PagePlop provides custom web design, graphic design, development and maintenance services. We can update your existing web site design and information or help you plan a design for your new web presence.

Our design process is highly interactive. You are involved during every step of the process from planning to implementation. Below is a brief explanation of our design process.

  1. Planning. Planning your web site is imperative. During the planning phase, we help you identify your goals and objectives for the web site, define your customers and their needs and develop a reasonable budget for the project.
  2. Design. During the design phase, we will first gather all available information including logos and brochures. Next, we will create a preliminary color scheme, navigation scheme and grid layout for your web site. During this step, your feedback is very important as it guides us to a final product that satisfies you. Once the basic schemes are approved, we begin entering content into the site.
  3. Implementation. During this last phase of the design process, we will test and launch your web site. In addition, we will determine a maintenance schedule and assign specific maintenance tasks.


Web Design Quote

All web design is quoted on a per project basis. Please complete the following questionnaire and a PagePlop representative will contact you to discuss your project.

Required fields are BOLD.

Contact Information:  
Contact Name: (First) (Last/Surname)
State: (2 Letter Abbreviation)
Postal Code:
Verify Code:
(code is case-sensitive)
Please answer the following questions as completely as possible. Your answers will allow us to give you the most accurate web design estimate.
Describe your business, products and/or services:
  Please describe the business, products and/or services that you wish to include in your web site.
Describe your goals for the web site:
  Please describe the goals for the web site. Some possible goals include product or service sales, client service and support, branding/name recognition, client feedback and information distribution.
Describe your audience for the web site:
  Please describe the audience for your web site (e.g., the people you expect to use the web site). Some possible audiences are individual clients, other businesses, your employees and your investors.
Required special functions:
  Please describe any special functions that your web site requires. For example, shopping carts, merchant services, databases, discussion boards, listserves, affiliate programs or information request systems.
What type of content is available?:
  Please describe the type of content that is available. Content includes images and text such as logos and brochures that can be included in your web site.
What is your budget for the project?:
  Please describe your budget for the project. You may either provide a range or upper limit. Knowing your buget allows us to provide you with the best alternatives for your project goals.


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