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PagePlop is a company dedicated to the business of web hosting. We've been providing web hosting services since 1996. Our goal is simple - to provide our customers with excellent service and effective products at a very fair price. To this end, we maintain a quality system with the highest possible level of reliability and security.

We work by these principles:

There are no hard and fast rules - only exceptions. We recognize that every business is unique and we will work to accommodate your needs.

We recognize that the computer services we provide are not magic, we will price those services fairly and affordably.

We consider honor, respect, honesty, and hard work as admirable qualities that a business and its employees should observe.

We understand that the World Wide Web is constantly evolving and we will keep up with those developments in order to help you understand the most effective way to use the Web.

We believe in providing professional service while never forgetting that a good laugh now and then never hurt anyone.


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