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Reseller Hosting Program Overview

PagePlop offers a reseller program for design firms, advertising agencies, programmers, and anyone wishing to offer web hosting as a value added service.

The Benefits

  • 10% to 15% Discount on All Hosting Charges
  • Unrestricted Mark-ups
  • Statement Summary for Easy Billing
  • Direct, Anonymous Support for Your Clients
  • PagePlop Non-Compete Provisions
  • Superb System Reliability and Services


By signing up just 3 hosting accounts with PagePlop, you begin earning a discount on all hosting charges. Discounts increase up to 15% as you sign up additional clients (see the chart below). Discounts are not listed beyond 50 clients because you become a colocation or managed colocation candidate if you are managing more than 50 accounts.

Clients Discount
0 - 2 0%
3 - 24 10%
25 - 49 12.5%
50 + 15%

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As a PagePlop reseller, you may increase your profits beyond the discount by marking up our prices to what the market will bear. If basic hosting services in your area are selling for $20, then you make a $7.50 residual per month for every basic hosting account that you sell.

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On the 15th of each month, a statement and invoice for each client is mailed to you. As a PagePlop reseller, the hosting agreement for the accounts you sign up is between you, the reseller, and PagePlop. Therefore, you are responsible for all charges incurred by you and your clients. In turn, you may manage your accounts by requesting temporary or permanent disconnection of delinquent accounts.

Read the full text of the Reseller Billing Policy in our reseller agreement.

If you are not interested in billing clients for hosting services, check out our affiliate program.

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Anonymous Support

As a service to our resellers, PagePlop offers telephone technical support directly to your clients. To protect your business, the technical support number is always answered as "Technical Support", rather than "PagePlop". If the client should press as to whom they are speaking with specifically, we simply respond as PagePlanet. If pressed by the client for more information about just who PagePlanet actually is, they will be simply informed that PagePlanet hosts only for resellers and does not host web sites directly to the consumer. PagePlop will never be mentioned. Read more about PagePlop's non-compete provisions below.

The technical support number (919-852-5262) is intended to be given out freely and there is no additional charge for technical support for either the reseller or the client - provided that the client is in need of technical assistance that directly involves PagePlop hosting issues such as email, FTP, MGI, etc.

The reseller is responsible for assisting their clients if the issue involves things such as configuring FTP clients, configuring email clients, html programming, image processing, and issues dealing with the use of specific third-party software.

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PagePlop Non-Compete

One of PagePlop's goals is to help you grow your business. If you are successful, we are successful. To avoid any potential conflict of interest, we take great steps to separate PagePlop (our hosting business) from PagePlanet (our anonymous LAN used by resellers) and have developed the following non-compete guidelines.

We completely separate the existence of PagePlop (our hosting business) from PagePlanet (the LAN used in the reseller program). All records (including DNS records, emails, server IDs, etc.) will indicate PagePlanet rather than PagePlop. In this way, your client can never easily discover that PagePlop is the actual hosting service. This eliminates potential problems involving reseller markups to clients and conflicts of interest. In addition, even if the client does pursue the public PagePlanet name, all URL references to that company point directly to a PagePlanet error page with no information and all phone numbers route to our technical support line that is simply answered "technical support" (as described above).

On the outside chance that a client discovers the existence of PagePlop, we have the following policy in effect. There are only four circumstances under which PagePlop would host a reseller's client directly. The first is if the reseller went entirely out of business. PagePlop would not leave the client hanging. The second is if the reseller gave PagePlop a written release indicating that PagePlop could host a client's site directly. Even then, PagePlop would apply a six month waiting period before allowing the client's web site to be hosted and billed directly by PagePlop. The third is if the reseller were in direct violation of the PagePlop user agreement without the knowledge of the reseller's client forcing PagePlop to take action and remove the reseller's privileges on our system. In that event, PagePlop will contact the reseller's client simply to inform them of the situation. Finally, PagePlop will contact and host a reseller's client directly if the reseller fails to pay outstanding invoices for greater than 30 days after receiving the stipulated notices. [Read the Reseller Billing Policy in our reseller agreement]

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Becoming a Reseller

Becoming a reseller is easy.

  1. Complete the secure registration form.
  2. Receive Registration information via email.
  3. Register accounts (including your own if you wish) using the reseller sign up form.

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