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Web Hosting Affiliate Program Overview

PagePlop offers an affiliate program for webmasters, designers, and anyone in the position to recommend our web hosting services to others.

The Benefits

  • 10% residual commissions on Referral Hosting Charges*
  • Instant notification
  • Easy referral routes - 90 day cookies!
  • No referral limits
  • Free registration

Residual Commissions

Registered PagePlop affiliates earn 10% of collected hosting charges* for the duration of each referred account. Commissions are paid as a credit against the hosting account of your choice.

You send us the clients and we handle the rest...account set up, technical support and billing.


  • Affiliates do not earn credit for accounts that are billed directly to the affiliate. Accounts billed directly may qualify for our reseller program.
  • Affiliates only earn credits for payments that are received from the client by the 10th day of the month in which they are due. Affiliates will not receive credit for late payments.
  • Affiliates only earn credits for hosting charges including Basic, Enhanced and Commerce web accounts, monthly statistics and listserves.
  • If an affiliate refers a reseller to PagePlop, the affiliate will receive credit for the reseller's primary hosting account and will not receive credit for subsequent accounts added to the reseller's account.

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Instant Notification

Every time a client signs up using your affiliate ID you will receive an immediate email notification.

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Easy Referral Routes

Being an affiliate should be easy. PagePlop allows you to refer clients with a link from your web site, with your easy-to-remember affiliate ID, with your company name or with your contact name.

PagePlop provides all affiliates with custom HTML and images that include a link with your affiliate ID. You can choose from full-size banners, half banners, buttons, micro-buttons, and text links. When a client links to PagePlop from your web site, your affiliate ID is automatically transferred to their account registration form for credit. Your affiliate ID is also stored in a cookie for 90 days so that you will receive credit if the client registers for our hosting service at any time during those 90 days.

You are not required to have a web site to become a PagePlop affiliate. If you prefer, just give potential clients your affiliate ID number. When the client signs up with PagePlop, they simply enter your affiliate ID on the registration form.

Better yet, why burden your potential clients with having to remember an affiliate ID at all? PagePlop will give you credit even if the client you refer simply fills in your company name OR your contact name on the registration form!

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No Referral Limits

PagePlop does not require a minimum number of referrals and does not limit your maximum number of referrals. Refer clients once a year or once a day - whatever suits you.

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Becoming an Affiliate

There is no cost to become an affiliate for PagePlop. Just follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Complete the secure affiliate registration form.
  2. Receive Affiliate information via email.
  3. Download HTML and images for your web site.

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