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Email Tutorials

PagePlop uses SMTP Authentication to prevent SPAM and other unauthorized email from being sent through our servers. Use the following tutorials to set up your email application such as Outlook Express with the POP settings emailed to you from PagePlop.

Email Configuration Tutorials


Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) Tutorials

PagePlop uses Modular Gateway Interface (MGI), from our sister company PagePlanet Software, to accomplish everything that a perl script or CGI can do. MGI includes a built-in database system, ecommerce components, counters, forms processing - anything you need. MGI is an easy-to-use system with HTML style tags. If you know HTML, you can learn MGI in a matter of hours.

Begin with the "Understanding MGI" section in the User Guide (below) to get some basic information about the MGI system. Read "Using MGI" for step-by-step tutorials for every function from counters and forms to databases and shopping carts. As you learn MGI, you can customize the tags with options found in the "Referencing MGI" section.

In order to use MGI tags with your hosting account, simply place MGI tags in your web pages using a text editor (e.g., BBEdit, UltraEdit, etc.) and name the page with a ".mgi" extension. Then upload the page with MGI tags via FTP to the web server and you're done.

All new PagePlop customers are automatically put on a server using MGI Version 2. If you are an established PagePlop customer or do now know which server your site is using, please email us at and we will determine which version of MGI you are currently using. We encourage all customers to migrate their sites to MGI Version 2. If you would like to migrate to MGI Version 2, we can set up a development site for you on an MGI 2 server so that the transition is seamless.

MGI Version 2 User Guide (opens new window)

MGI Version 1 User Guide (opens new window)


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