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2001 Reports

6 August 2001

Connectivity to PagePlop has had intermittent problems over the weekend and into today. We have traced the problems to extraneous attack traffic coming into our lines and are in the process of blocking that traffic. Blocking the traffic requires a reconfiguration of our router which should be complete by 8 PM Eastern.

27 July 2001

BellSouth performed some well-needed reconfiguration on the local crossbox today. Unfortunately, it required them to take down all the copper in the neighborhood for seven minutes. Even though this was scheduled maintenance, since they did it in the middle of the day instead of during our regular window, I will reluctantly count it against our server status.

29 June 2001

We are performing maintenance on one of the web servers. Some web sites and FTP will be unavailable until 8 PM Eastern. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

30 March 2001

During the course of some hard drive maintenance, the FTP connections on 2 of our 6 web servers were munged and must be reconfigured. This reconnection may take us well into Friday afternoon (30 March 2001) to complete, therefore connection to your web site files via FTP may not be available. However, your web site WILL continue to be available for web requests (i.e., your web site is up and running).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

And while we're on the subject of FTP, we will be switching FTP servers within the next week. This will fix the problem with corruption of very small files that some of you have experienced and will be easier for us to manage. In order to switch FTP servers, we will be assigning new FTP passwords for your web site. Each customer will receive an email containing the new password and FTP instructions.

1 January 2001

Happy New Year!

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