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Domain Name Registration

Verisign Channel PartnerPagePlop is a registered Verisign partner. All new domains are registered through Verisign's Network Solutions registrar.

As a partner, we are able to offer our customers the following discounted domain name registration and renewal fees while continuing to provide reliable domain registration and renewal services.

Years 1 2-4 5-8 9-10
.com, .net, .org $30/year $25/year $23/year $20/year
.biz, .info, .name, .us n/a $20/year $17/year $15/year
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Domain Name Search

Use the following domain name search form to find a perfect domain name for your web site. See our tips below to help you choose a domain name.

Domain Name Search:


Domain Name Registration Tips

A Good Domain Name Is...

  • Easy To Remember. Any domain name that you choose for your web site should be memorable. While a short domain name can help it be memorable, it is not necessarily the most import aspect of your domain name. Your goal in choosing a domain name is to have potential clients remember it when they are ready to purchase your service or product.
  • Related to Your Business. Many companies use their business name as their domain name. This is a fine practice, but should not limit your choice of domain names. You can also use slogans or phrases as your primary domain name or as an additional domain name (you can have more than one domain name pointing to the same web site). For example, a florist might register "" as a domain name.
  • Easy to Spell and Read. Make sure your domain name is easy to spell. If not, clients may make a mistake and end up at the wrong web site, or worse, at your competition! Also make sure that a domain name is easy to read when spelled in all lower-case. Especially watch out for the unintended consequences of combining words - you may get a domain name that visually "creates" unwanted words when combined.

Domain Name Characters and Length

Letters and numbers are always valid characters. Hyphens may also be used, but may not begin nor end your domain name. Spaces and special characters are never permitted. The special characters include, but are not limited to, these special characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ? "

You can use up to 67 characters in your domain name, including the extension .COM, .NET, or .ORG. You've got lots of options for establishing your Internet identity!

The "www." and "http://www." are not considered part of your domain name and therefore don't count towards the 67 character total.


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