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I changed my web pages, why am I still seeing the old pages?

When you change your web pages and upload them using FTP, there are several reasons why you would not be able to view those changes immediately.

  1. The pages on the server were not overwritten. It is possible that the page you uploaded to the server did not overwrite the existing page. Make sure that the updated page has the same name as the page on the server and upload it again.

  2. The old page is cached in your browser. Whenever you view a page in a browser, the default browser settings save a temporary copy of that page on your computer. This saving is called "caching". If you then view the same page again within a short period of time, the browser displays the saved version rather than retrieving the latest version directly from the server. To make sure that you are always using the latest version, set your browser caching preferences to the minimum allowed.

    • Netscape. In Netscape, go under the Edit menu to Preferences. Under the Preferences, select Cache under the Advanced category. Set disk cache to "0" and select "Every Time" under "Page in cache is compared to page on network". Click the OK button to save the settings.

    • Internet Explorer. In IE, go under the Tools menu to Internet Options. Click the Settings button under Temporary Internet Files. Select "Every visit to the page" under "Check for newer versions of stored page" and Set the "Amount of disk space to use:" as low as possible (! MB). Click the OK button to save the settings.

  3. The old page is cached in a router or proxy server. Not only can your browser cache pages, but routers and proxy servers can also cache pages to make server faster. PagePlop does not use any server or router caching. However, your ISP or their provider may. There is really little that you can do in this situation except to wait for the cache to expire. Most caches are set from 1 hour to 24 hours.

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