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I am not receiving emails that I know have been sent, why?

There could be any number of reasons that you do not receive an email that someone has sent to you.

The email may be incorrectly addressed. If the sender misspelled your email address including your username or domain name, the email will not be properly delivered to your account. In addition, if email is sent to a user at your domain that does not exist, the email will usually not be delivered. Depending on the system, the email may or may not be bounced.

The email may be held at the sender's email server. If an email cannot be delivered from one email server to another, due to connectivity problems, for example, then the email is usually held at the sender's email server and re-attempted. It can take up to 4 days for a held email to be re-attempted and delivered.

The email itself, the sender's email server, or other factor may be restricted on our email server. For example, any email with a ".exe" attachment is not delivered on our email server since most viruses are passes via ".exe" files. In this case, the attachment should be stuffed or zipped and re-sent. If the sender's email server is listed as an open relay in the ORDB or Osirusoft databases, the email will be rejected from our email servers. In that case the sender will receive an error in the bounced email message and can address their email server security to be removed from the open relay lists.

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