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What do I name my home page?

At PagePlop, you have several options for naming your default home page (i.e., the page served when a page name is not specified - Our system searches through a hierarchical list of default home page names and displays the first default home page that matches. The following is the list of default home page names:

  1. index.mgi
  2. index.html
  3. index.htm
  4. index.shtml
  5. home.html
  6. home.htm
  7. home.shtml
  8. default.html
  9. default.htm
  10. default.shtml
  11. welcome.html
  12. welcome.htm
  13. welcome.shtml
  14. welcome.mgi
  15. page1.html
  16. page1.htm
  17. page1.shtml
  18. start.html
  19. start.htm
  20. start.shtml

For example, if you have a page named "index.html" and a page named "home.html", the index.html page will be displayed by default.

If you have a different home page name than those listed above, just let us know and we can customize your web site to display that home page by default.

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