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How do I transfer a domain to or from PagePlop?

If you are transferring a domain to PagePlop, indicate on the sign-up form that you need to transfer the domain and PagePlop will initiate the transfer on your behalf. Depending on the current Registrar, you may need to provide a username, account number and/or password in order for PagePlop to transfer the domain. You may also need to acknowledge any transfer via email to the registrar.

If you prefer to transfer the domain yourself, you should list PagePlop as the technical contact for the domain (Network Solutions/Verisign NIC Handle VC198) and list the following DNS servers:

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

You may choose to list our additional secondary DNS servers as space allows:

Additional Secondary DNS

If you are transferring a domain from PagePlop to another host, the new host is reponsible for initiating the domain transfer. Once initiated, PagePlop can acknowledge the transfer if PagePlop is listed as the technical contact for the domain. We do not initiate transfers from PagePlop since the new host is responsible for entering accurate DNS and technical contact information.

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