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Why can't I use a custom CGI or Perl script at PagePlop?

PagePlop does not allow the use of custom CGIs, Perl scripts, etc. for one simple reason - Security. PagePlop takes the security of your web files very seriously, especially in a virtual hosting environment where multiple web sites are housed on a single machine. You should not have the ability to affect the web sites of others on our machines and they should not have the ability to affect your web site.

Allowing user-written CGIs, scripts, etc. would leave any machine vulnerable to crashing, file manipulation, or worse. Although we could try to review scripts before they are allowed on the machine, this would require more resources than it is worth and we would not be able to catch all bugs and corruptions in the scripts.

For all accounts, we offer Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) in place of user-written CGIs and scripts. MGI can do anything from counters and forms to databases and shopping baskets. Specific MGI modules are included with each account level. To use MGI, you simply insert MGI tags on your web pages and FTP those pages to your space on our server. If you know some HTML, MGI is intuitive and very easy to learn. You could build a custom database in just a matter of hours.

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