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What is the difference between a POP and Forwarding email account?

POP emails are housed on the PagePlop email server. When you set up a POP account, PagePlop sends you server information (POP and SMTP), a username and a password. You configure that information in your email application (e.g., Eudora, Outlook Express, etc.) and send and retrieve email via our email servers. When an email is sent to your POP account, it is held on our email server until you check the POP account with your email application. At that time, the email is downloaded from your POP account to your local computer and is then deleted from the email server.

With a POP account, you can send emails "from" that account. In other words, if you have the account "", the "from" address for all emails that you send using that account will be "" rather than "", for example.

Forwarding emails are aliases for an email account that is not hosted on our email server. When you set up a forwarding account, you specify where mail sent to that email address is sent. For example, you might have "" forward to "". Forwarding addresses allow you to keep a consistent email identity no matter how much you change ISPs or POP email accounts.

When an email is sent to your forwarding account, that email is immediately forwarded to the specified email address. The email is not saved on our servers.

Although you can receive email to a forwarding account, you usually cannot send email via that account.

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