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Why does PagePlop use Macintoshes?

Hosting a web site is really platform-independent. It doesn't usually matter whether you host on a Macintosh, NT or Unix system, your HTML files and images will be served when requested via your domain name.

As a host, we choose to use Macintoshes for all services including web serving, secure serving, email serving, and listserving for several reasons:

1. Macintoshes are the most secure hosting machines available. In terms of security, you can't beat a Macintosh. It is next to impossible to break into or hack a Macintosh. CERT advisories are issued for viruses, security holes and other issues that affect a computer's security. CERT advisories are rarely issued for Macintosh computers.

2. Macintoshes are immune to the plethora of viruses and attacks that NT machines in particular are vulnerable to.

3. From a management and administration standpoint, Macintoshes are easier to use. We have full access to debug any problem that does arise and a quick reboot fixes almost anything.

In our experience, Macintosh servers have presented no limitations to ourselves or our clients. Indeed, Macintosh servers have been so stable and secure that several customers are doing millions of dollars in online commerce using a shared server!

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