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People sending me email are getting an error message about ORDB or OsiruSoft, what do I do?

PagePlop uses lists of open relay servers from ORDB and Osirusoft to filter messages sent to our email server. PagePlop does not accept email from an open relay server listed by ORDB or Osirusoft (relay list only). An open relay server can be used by anyone, authorized or not, to deliver email. In other words, open relay servers are used to send bulk unsolicited email - SPAM.

If a person's email server is listed on the ORDB or Osirusoft list, it does not mean that their company or their host has necessarily sent or relayed SPAM. It simply means that their email server is not secured and has the potential of relaying SPAM.

If someone you know receives a bounced email with an error message regarding ORDB or Osirusoft, that person should contact their email server administrator and instruct them to investigate the problem. In most cases, a small patch or other fix will secure the email server and it can be easily removed from the ORDB or Osirusoft list.

You can check whether a server is listed in ORDB or Osirusoft and by entering the IP number of the email server sending the email to PagePlop:

ORDB Server Check (opens new window)

Osirusoft Server Check (opens new window)

Be assured that PagePlop is not an open relay and is not listed as an open relay in the ORDB or Osirusoft databases. Our use of SMTP Authentication secures our email server so that only authorized users can send and receive email via our server.

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