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Why does PagePlop use Network Solutions for domain registrations?

Network Solutions is the grand daddy of all the domain name registrars. For many years, it had the exclusive rights to manage the master InterNIC database of all domain names. Then the Department of Commerce has started to allow other companies to interact with that master database, though for the time being Network Solutions still manages it.

For another registrar to "get in the game" requires a certain amount of infrastructure and $50,000 in cash. Though that may seem like a bunch of money, it is a drop in the bucket for those firms who want to be registrars. Once they pay up and undergo a minimal investigation of their business structure, they are granted the authority by ICANN to become registrars. There are now hundreds of additional firms authorized to register domain names.

Our concern is what happens if one of those firms goes belly up? With Network Solutions, we are confident that they will be around for a long time. They have a proven track record. And they are very easy to work with since we have such a long history of dealing with that company. With other firms, we are not so sure.

PagePlop has partnered with Network Solutions. With that partner account, we can pass on domain registration savings to our clients and we get direct partner support should you have any problems with your domain. Even though other registrars charge less money for domain registrations, we do not find the Network Solutions pricing excessive when you consider that your web site would disappear if one of those inexpensive registrars were to go under.

In addition, if we ever need to make global changes to our InterNIC information, we can do so for any domain we have registered through Network Solutions. That capability does not exist with other registrars. Instead, the domain owner would be responsible for making any changes in a timely and proper manner on an individual basis.

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